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Self-love: why it’s important

Self-Love is a practice in which you give yourself adequate love, care, and the attention that it needs. You make…

toxic coworkers

How to Deal with Toxic Coworkers

Not only can toxic coworkers make going to work difficult, but their toxicity also bleeds into the whole work environment….

social anxiety

How to Overcome Social Anxiety

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, Social anxiety disorder, also called Social phobia, is intense anxiety or…

releasing emotions

Negative Emotions: 6 Journaling Prompts on How to Release Them

The great thing about journaling is that you can write down anything you want. Your journaling book is for your…

10 Ways to become Mentally and Emotionally Stronger

It is not because you are weak that you have problems with emotional and mental strength. These strengths come as…

Childhood trauma

Childhood Trauma: Wounds of the Past

Childhood trauma is caused by experiencing extremely terrifying or distressing psychological, emotional, and or physical events. By such events, we…

Toxic people

Toxic People: How to One Up Them

Toxic people can be found anywhere. They could be the difficult boss, gossipy coworker, the know-it-all family member, the ”I…


Past Mistakes: How to Break Free

To free yourself from your past mistakes you must first learn to forgive yourself. The life lessons from our mistakes…

turn your insecurity into strengths

How to Turn Insecurities into Strengths

Insecurities are made from our thoughts and beliefs. They are a collection of negative thoughts and ideas that make us…


How to Become More Organized in life

Being organized is not about striving to be perfect. An organized life brings you more clarity and peace of mind…