Self-Love Brings Peace of Mind

You hear the term self-love get thrown around a lot. Mainstream has made ‘’self-love’’ the hot magic cure to all of your problems.

Self-love is often confused with the term self-care.

Self-care is going to bed early if you have got an early day the next morning.

Nourishing your body with the proper nutrition, exercising, resting, and taking time for yourself every day.

Self-care is a counterpart of self-love. So, what is self-love?

Self-Love is about nurturing yourself

Self-love goes much deeper, it’s an aspect of merging the spiritual self with the ego-self and finding peace of mind in the process.

Your ego-self is the self-projected image of who you are and what you are to the world, molded from all of your life experiences and all of your interactions through your whole existence.

Nourishing yourself spiritually to heal and nurture all the past trauma that you had to put up with or go through.

Society has a way of telling everyone to just get over themselves because that’s just how life is, ‘’Life is hard and then you die’’.

Remind yourselves that whoever came up with this quote also has unresolved issues that they were also carrying around.

Many times, all the past pain and trauma we had to go through was not properly healed and or nurtured, to not look like a sulking adult child many people either try to move on and forget about that pain or bury all those issues deep down inside their unconscious, never to look back.

Believe it or not many people train themselves to forget the memory altogether.

When you go through a trauma of any kind it changes you on a cellular level.

Your mind can bury the memory or even forget the memory but every cell in your body has imprinted that trauma.

You cannot bulldoze your way past trauma and unhealed wounds.

Healing trauma is a delicate process that takes much effort on part of the person that wants to heal plus if it is old or past trauma then the memories will have to be awakened and at many times the pain of that trauma will have to be relieved again.

This is hard for many, having to go through it once was already hard enough, but to have to relieve it in your mind for the second time, that’s an excruciating experience.

Although, painful just think of who you can become and what you can become if you didn’t have that heavy burden to drag around like a ball and chain everywhere you go.

Self-love is healing, forgiving yourself for all the pain and trauma you went through because of all the bad decisions you made in life.

It’s being your own biggest supporter and fan when no one else is standing beside you.

It’s knowing that you deserve happiness and to be happy in life.

Society is partially right when they say life is hard. Yes, life can be full of hardships but, it is up to you how you want to perceive it and receive it. 

I know many people including myself that hold on to things that happened 20 years ago.

Can you imagine that the time frame could be longer for some, maybe some have even taken their past grief and disappointments with them to the grave?

It all starts with gratitude

Life can be so beautiful in so many ways. It all starts with being grateful for the little things. You have been allowed to live and experience life.

Many don’t have the choice or opportunity that you do, no matter how much you think your life sucks right now, believe me when I say to you that out of the 7.5 billion people in this world, someone out there would trade places with you because the cards that were dealt with them are far worst.

Strive to be happy, strive to live the life that will bring you joy and peace.

It is not about being selfish, it’s about really living life and not just surviving in it.

Experiencing life in the way it makes you feel grateful before you close your eyes at night and excited to open them again the next day.

Author: Anna Rose

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