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chasing potential

How Falling In love With Potential Fails You

When we fall in love with potential we are saying that we love someone for who they could be and…

toxic people

Are you a magnet for toxic people?

Did you know that how you are and how you act can be a strong magnet for certain people including…

toxic parents

How to Have a Relationship With Toxic Parents

Do you find yourself having to deal with one or both toxic parents in your life? They seem to make…


How to Overcome Jealousy

It is hard to admit, but we have all felt jealousy one way or another. It’s a normal human response…


End Codependency Habits to Find Real Love

What is codependency? The base of codependency starts with unhealthy boundaries and a need to feel control, while many other…

partners that cheat

Why do people cheat on those they love?

Let’s first be clear that when it come down to why people cheat, it is not always about SEX. Yes! having…

couples communication

Couples Communication: 5 Topics That You Need to Talk About

Open communication is the key to helping any relationship build happiness and to withstand long term. I have seen many…


How to Spot Insecurity in Relationships

Insecurity comes in two faces. The first face of insecurity is the one where the person is open about their…

emotional immaturity

How to Know if You Are Emotionally Immature?

What does being emotionally immature mean? Emotionally immature people tend to lack adequate social and emotional skills. When we hear…


How to Know if You Need Stronger Boundaries

What are personal boundaries? Boundaries indicate to others how you would like to be treated and respected within the relationship….