Unconditional love: The key concept to Love, Relationships, and Happiness…

unconditional love

Unconditional love is to love without limitations or conditions.

No strings attached.

There are no terms for you to give something before, during, or after the act of receiving love from another person.

Unconditional = No conditions

Many say the idea is dead and gone.

I don’t think unconditional love is a dead idea.

It truly exists because it exists in nature.

Things that exist and can be seen within nature, are concepts that can be defined as reality.

Just because you haven’t experienced something within your reality does not make it nonexistent.

Why many people think the idea of unconditional love is gone…

Why many people might think unconditional love doesn’t exist anymore is because with unconditional love there is a spiritual component to it.

I seems that this spiritual component might have been forgotten about or has been lost in translation throughout the hands of time.

Many of the problems that we run into within love and relationships is the inability to understand and display unconditional love.

Many people think that if they act within unconditional love they are doing something foolish or even being negligent to themselves and their own needs.

The truth of the matter is…

If you have never experienced unconditional love from within there’s no possible way for you to even display to your outer world.

Before we can even start to understand unconditional love it first has to be understood from within…

You see a lot of people cannot display the nature of unconditional love because they might have not received unconditional love themselves.

We first learn about the fundamentals and foundations of love as children.

From the experiences with our parents and within other childhood environmental factors.

unconditional love

Children who have not experienced true unconditional love in their upbringing grow up failing to display similar concepts in their adult relationships and within their own self concepts.

If you want to be the one who perhaps breaks a negative cycle that has to do with unconditional love.

Where you can start…

What you can first do is begin to gain a deep understanding of unconditional love from within.

Do you unconditionally love yourself without setting terms, conditions, or limitations toward this love?

Can you fully accept and love who you are in this present moment with all of it’s flaws and weaknesses?

The correct terms of unconditional love from within, stems from your ability to accept who we are in totality right now for what it is.

Unconditional love it’s very freeing because remember unconditional love has no limits, and because of this unconditional love can feel very free and liberated.

The definition of unconditional love all begins with you.

Remember it’s not what you have been told or what you have been taught it’s more so a deep understanding of what you truly believe it to be by first experiencing.

From yourself to yourself.

Simple changes that have a profound affect

unconditional love

Once you start to gain a different perspective and a better understanding of unconditional love you will see how it changes your thoughts ideas and beliefs on the world around you for the better.

And because of this fresh perspective, you will see things start to take a positive turn.

We become less irritable and easily agitated in your relationships.

You start to not have so much anxiety or worry about many of the minute problems that exist in your day-to-day life.

When you see your world as a transaction you get overly stimulated you get overly anxious you get overly tense.

Because you want to be able to receive on your terms in all areas of your life if you’re giving out a certain amount of time energy and attention to something you wish to gain something back in the like or perhaps more beneficial to you.

And when these transactions don’t work out in your favor you become highly irritable, tense, and easily triggered.

Within these transactions, you only feel calm after a beneficial payment has been made and not any moment before.

It makes us stuck in survival mode.

It makes us feel stressed, anxious, and tense all the time because the only time we can feel calm is after each payment has been made to us.

Remember with unconditional love there will be feelings of lightness and freedom, you won’t have to be sitting by keeping score.

You are able to accept anything that comes at you with an open mind knowing that there is no need to keep score.

At the end of the day you will always be safe and loved within your own love as well as the love that’s all around you.

Author: Anna Rose

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