Changes: How To Overcome The Painful Parts

How To Work Through The Pain Of Changes

Changes in life are inevitable.

But, have you ever tried to do something right or good for your life but it feels horrible?

You start to question if making these changes was the right thing to do.

Change wouldn’t be such a hard experience except for the fact that at many times making even a simple small move can shift everything else in your life.

Your life will usually turn into a frenzy while tossing and turning upside down.

This happens because when we do something that adds or subtracts to the current lifestyle whether good or bad it creates a domino effect to try to rebalance everything out.

In short, when we make a change to anything in our lives everything else in our life will change as well in accordance to these changes.

For every action in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Newton’s 3rd Law

When changes occurs, it will manifest itself in other areas of your life…

How it affects other areas of our life will depend on a couple of things.

I find that changes can sometimes be refreshing because it reveals many things that you might have missed previously.

After all, we were so comfortable with living on autopilot before.

Here is a great example that happens to many people.

How Changes Can Be Tough

How To Work Through The Pain Of Changes

Say someone was overweight all of their lives than one they decide to get healthier to improve their lifestyle.

They change their eating habits and start to work out.

When they start to see even a little progress it motivates them to push harder.

As a matter of fact, they are so committed to this new lifestyle that they end up losing a lot of weight, now they not only look great but they feel great.

Doesn’t this lifestyle change sound great?

Unfortunately, along the way, they found themselves in a position where their friends and family members were not so happy for them.

As a result, they lost some close and tight friendships that they might have had a relationship with for years…

So why does this happen?

Sometimes With Change, Loss Can Occur…

If getting healthier is such a great idea, then why would others not be happy for us or want to support our journey?

I find that when relationships and friendships fail due to making better changes in our lives we should take their actions so personally.

Yes! It hurts our feelings to know that the people we love don’t support or even want to acknowledge our hard efforts in making these changes.

It would help if we open ourselves up to a new perspective that is more objective.

These people had a lifestyle that coincides with our old, past lifestyle.

That’s how they were able to be in our lives for so long.

But just because they were in our lives for a long time or we love each other doesn’t mean that we should stay in that old lifestyle for the rest of our lives.

The old friends or relationships we had might feel betrayed by us or threatened by our wanting to change.

These changes are not only hard for us but for them as well.

Nobody knows what will happen in the future, and that’s super scary!

Some relationships protest these changes by retaliation and that’s where it becomes hard for everyone involved.

But if the lifestyle we were living no longer brings us joy then what is the point of continuing like this?

To live a lifestyle that kills our happiness every day is a life that kills us every day!

Anna Rose

Just Because Change Is Hard It Doesn’t Mean We Should Stop

When we make changes to our lifestyle we have to make certain changes to our thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors as well.

Like the previous story about making health a priority…

We start to find that we want to hang out with or be around people who are making the same lifestyle choices because now there is more in common…

We relate to each other more because we enjoy the same kinds of things.

This type of relationship is easier on many levels because it flows and vibes with one another.

People like to be around other people who they can share mutual interests with.

Who they can connect with and learn more about the topics that they are passionate about.

It is a natural feeling to be happy around the things that vibe with us and even safer to be around things that are familiar to our understanding.

Don’t Focus On The Storm Focus On The Rainbow Coming After

Making healthier changes to improve yourself and your lifestyle is ALWAYS a win!

No matter how dark it gets or how much adversity you have to go through to see it to the end, you will always come out as a winner if you preserver.

When making changes go easy on yourself because it takes time and hard work on your part.

Some people might love us for it and some might hate us for it.

That’s why it’s important that we make certain changes in our lives for our happiness and not because of another’s wishes for us.

During this time of growth and renewal simply embrace the process.

Become a student of life and just study and observe all the things that are churning and mixing until the final result is near.

Trust and believe when I say you will learn a lot about yourself and the people around you in this process of change.

Some End Notes…

If you are trying to make healthy changes to your life and see that you meet with resistance.

Pay no attention to that.

That is simply all a part of the growing pains that comes with the journey.

Sometimes happiness in life must be worked for…

And with an unwavering will and desire to seek it.

To want to change is to acknowledge that something different needs to be done.

To implement change is to take action in finding solutions to the problems.

All of your efforts in-between will bare results according to your determination and will power to the very end.

Author: Anna Rose

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