5 Reasons Why Life Feels Like An Uphill Battle

Many of us feel defeated in life.

It’s a never-ending war where we have to constantly fight annoying daily battles.

Always feeling mentally drained and emotionally exhausted.

Trying to pray, plead, and beg for different circumstances. Where somehow, someway we can just gain a little control.

After so many unanswered prayers and hours of wishful thinking, we begin to sink into a place where loss of hope and maybe even where depression starts to set in…

Things are not looking good, they are not improving…

It’s not getting any better.

Every day looks and feels like the previous and now you feel lost.

I’m here to tell you that ALL hope is NOT lost and there are some things that you do have control over.

Keep reading as we dive into 5 reasons why life feels like an uphill battle and what changes you can make to improve this.

Mind set

Somewhere along the way you have stopped believing in life and have also stopped believing in yourself.

Losing one too many battles can have that effect on us.

We start to believe that maybe we can’t win this war or that all hope really is lost

Fortunately, this is false.

Your current circumstances cannot and will not have power over your future once you decide to not give it power.

Your thoughts can govern your current and future circumstances.

Mindset is everything.

We can choose to become a ”victim” to our circumstances or prepare to be a ”victor” and nothing else but that…


Life is going to be filled with all kinds of different experiences and circumstances.

Are you willing to be flexible and adaptable?

Many of us have trouble adapting to our circumstances because we want things to turn out a our way. This way of thinking makes us have a fixed and ridgid mindset.

Unfortunately, sometimes life doesn’t work that way.

Sometimes we can’t get what we want right now but it doesn’t mean that we can never get what we desire…

In the different seasons, when life seems to reject us we must step back and wait.

Maybe in that moment, things seemed delayed because an even better opportunity might come around.

But, only if we would have just waited a little bit longer.

If we become too rigid in our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors to bring about an expected outcome.

We might ruin something even better instore for us.

In order to get the best results, we must be able to adapt within the chaos of uncertainty.

There will be times when we have to sit back on the sidelines and wait and there will be times when we are called into action.

Things become harder for us when we try to act if it’s time for us to wait and when we wait too long during times we are called into action.

Leaks and cracks in our foundation


To see improvements in our circumstances, we have to be proactive in making the right and corrective decisions towards what we want.

Whether you know it or not…

Every action that you make.

Every behavior and every habit have all contribute to the lifestyle you have right now.

The choices that you have made this far…

You have single-handedly given these choices the power to mold and create your present lifestyle.

Your thoughts, your behaviors, and your actions are the very things that have landed you in many of your present circumstances, today.

I know that for some of you, this is a very hard pill to swallow…

It’s very easy to want to believe that you have no control over the bad.

But, for us to change for the better we must take a good look at the role that we might’ve had a part in all of this.

Surviving vs thriving

Many of us are on autopilot.

Sometimes we are not doing enough to actually invite in the circumstances that we DO want.

Life is about being proactive every day within every moment of your existence.

It’s about striving for the things that you want for the things that you like for the things that you desire.

But For many comfortably has a strong hold on us.

It is easy to eat junk food and fast food. But it’s very hard to work out daily and to consciously be aware of making appropriate and healthy lifestyle choices.

Easy to binge-watch your favorite show or scroll on the Internet all day. But it’s hard to want to set goals and to stick to them to see them through to the end.

To dream about wants needs and desires, but a lot harder to go out and do it to go out and get it.

Striving for the life that you want and that you desire takes everything within you to keep going.

Even when things get hard even when you fail a couple of times.

What is the difference between the people who have the life that they want in the life that they don’t want?

The people who have the lifestyle that they want is their willingness to do uncomfortable things to get to their goals and dreams.

Things out of their comfort zone.

That’s the difference between people who are thriving and people who are merely just surviving.


Besides mindset, this is the second biggest factor in determining what your future is going to look like.

For many of you, maybe life has never been kind.

Since a young age it already started on a bad note and now in adulthood, it sings the same tune.

You think that what you have been through determines who you are and how the world has to see you.

Once again this is a false belief and a misconception.

In life, you determine who you are in this world.

Do you determine your worth and value?

Your circumstances and past experiences do not determine any of the things previously mentioned.

YOU get to decide who you are right now and who you’ll be tomorrow, end of story.

So, remember that when life starts to get you down. When your starting to lose hope again.


It is now all up to you to change and turn things around…

Author: Anna Rose

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