How to Be More Authentic

How to be more authentic

Your authentic self is the person who you are with outside influences shaping you and molding you into a different standard other than your own.

Your authentic self consists of everything that is YOU. Sure, your family and culture do have some influence on who you are but, this is an inkling, a nudge deep inside of you that tells you hey this is my true core beliefs and values.

I like this, or I don’t like that. Not because someone tells you to, but because something deep within you feels that it is right for you.

Being authentic is owning who you are in any given situation.

Get to know yourself

How often do you spend time alone?

Are you a social butterfly that is always in the scene or do you have a couple of best friends that you can’t live a day without?

Having an active social life is a great positive for your mental wellbeing, but there should be separate times for you to recharge and spend some alone time with yourself.

Alone time gives you space from the outside world where you can focus the attention back on yourself.

You get to use this free time to get in touch with yourself emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Many people go one hundred miles an hour without ever stopping, they burn themselves out to the point where they are out of balance and don’t even know when it even began.

Spending some alone time helps you check in with yourself, how have you been feeling, do you need certain actions of self-care or maybe more rest?

Only when you have quiet time can you listen to what your body, mind, and spirit are trying to tell you. It is important to spend time with others as well as alone time to recoup.

What is your truth?

It’s okay to do things differently or to like different things from other people. We live in a world where everyone wants to be just like whoever is currently the most popular celebrity.

Do we even know if they like the person that they display to the world?

Love yourself for who you are, even if you don’t fit in with the crowd. It is also okay to speak up for yourself when you like something that isn’t a popular trend.

As long as you love yourself enough for who you are nothing else matters about what anyone thinks.

Trust me when I say that everyone is just trying to live in this big world, some might try to pursue you to do what they do so they don’t feel alone, know yourself and what you like and want.

Stand tall and stick up for yourself when others push your boundaries to try to get you to conform to what they want you to be.

Remember that true love doesn’t want you to be anyone, but yourself.

Strengths and weaknesses

What are your strengths and weaknesses? Be honest with yourself, it is also not fair to yourself to say you don’t have any strengths.

Strengths are not necessarily things you can do better than others, but they are skills and talents that bring out the best in you.

Weaknesses are habits or behaviors that limit your greatest protentional. Weakness can steam from negative thoughts that propel negative behaviors.

To strive to become the best you can be, you should exercise your strengths and work on turning your weaknesses into opportunities that can help you further excel.


Emotional self-awareness helps you tune in to understanding your feelings and emotions.

This could be a hard one for people who never had a safe space to share their emotions as a child. No matter what space you were in, I am telling you now that feelings and emotions don’t have to be something you have to hide from the world.

Being authentic means that you take responsibility for yourself and the emotions you feel.

If you are sad, say you’re sad. Cry if you need to. Holding negative emotions in is like an active volcano just waiting to erupt. You can only hold in so much for so long.

If you are happy say you are happy, share that happy emotion with the world.

Public displays of emotions should be done in an appropriate manner and at an appropriate time.

Share your emotions with people who are concerned about your emotional well-being and have your best interest at heart.

Emotions are best shared in a comfortable and safe space so that you can communicate how you are feeling.

It is important to release your negative emotions as it is to learn from them. Ride through the emotional waves then let them go. Negative emotions are not meant to be permanently incorporated into your daily life. They are there to help you grow and gain experience through some of life’s tough situations.

Use your emotions as a tool and guild to check in with yourself. Be kind to yourself when you are not at your best. Worst days and best days do not last forever.

Enjoy and share your best days with your loved ones, as for your worst days, use it to your advantage by growing and learning more about yourself and life.

The outer world

To be authentic you want to surround yourself with people and things that are similar to your values and beliefs.

After you have spent some time alone to get to know yourself and who you want to be, now you find people, places, and things that are a similar match.

You will feel your best when you are surrounded by things that are a similar energy match.

Life is so short, why make it duller with experiences and people who do not align with you?

You have to remember that not everyone might be your cup of tea and vice versa. Let the things that you love and enjoy sweep you off your feet while passing on things that are not in your best interest.

Author: Anna Rose

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