How to Set Goals Properly

Setting goals

Goals give life meaning and purpose. It helps channel your time and energy into the correct things that matter to you.

Through your goals you learn a lot about yourself and who you are, your personal responsibility of obtaining your goals will show you what you’re really made of through hardship and adversity.

From the experiences of reaching for your goals, you hone your skills and natural abilities. You never know what you can truly achieve if you never try.

What are goals?

A goal starts with an idea, something that you would like to see happen or want to happen.

It is the desired result of an aim. Goals can be as big or as small as how they are set by each person.

Having a vision of what you want helps you understand yourself and how to bring yourself closer to those results.

What do you want to achieve, the more specific you are about your goals the clearer the pathway is to obtain those results.

Goals need deadlines

Due dates for your goals are important because they help you work more efficiently with your time and energy.

Due dates should be reasonable and realistic. The only way to get to your goals is by action, deadlines help you commit and focus time and energy into action to realize those goals.

If I gave you 1 month instead of 1 year to obtain a goal, wouldn’t you be forced to commit more to that one-month goal?

Set backs are common

There are times when you can plan every detail of something but still come into setbacks and difficulties. The only thing you can plan for is to expect the unexpected. Don’t be scared of the unknown. Build up the mental strength to be prepared to deal with these minor setbacks.

Personal Strength comes from the ability to endure and preserver.

As you step up your game so will the problems you run into too. Life only becomes more challenging as you level up, it is in our best interest to work on our mental and emotional strength. You will need these skills every step of the way.

Every win is a victory!

Be sure to record the small victories along with the big ones. When you achieve your goals no matter how big or small enjoy your victories! Success is a result of your hard work and focus. Be proud of your achievements and take time to bask in the energy of a job well done.

Begin a new cycle when the goals are achieved

Life doesn’t stop after you achieved your goals and so shouldn’t you. Set new and harder goals for yourself. Every time you set goals, they should be harder than the last. That’s what makes you progress from a beginner to an expert.

Author: Anna Rose

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