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5 Reasons Why Life Feels Like An Uphill Battle

Many of us feel defeated in life. It’s a never-ending war where we have to constantly fight annoying daily battles….

breaking free from toxic

Break free from toxic relationships and our toxic selves?

After a long and tumultuous relationship, after the storm calms and the dust settles, people often wonder why they were…


How To Identify And Challenge Overthinking

Overthinking can not only be extremely exhausting, but it makes us feel stuck in an ongoing loophole at times.  Like…

How To Work Through The Pain Of Changes

Changes: How To Overcome The Painful Parts

Changes in life are inevitable. But, have you ever tried to do something right or good for your life but…

Dating hacks to find love

Dating Hacks For Finding Love

We are at the end of 2022 ready to start 2023 and the dating arena looks more like a battlefield…

Trauma bonding

Trauma-Bonding: 5 Things You Need to Know

The term trauma-bonding is getting more thrown around when people are describing toxic relationships or what they see as a…

chasing potential

How Falling In love With Potential Fails You

When we fall in love with potential we are saying that we love someone for who they could be and…

seeking validation

When Seeking Validation Becomes an Obsession

What makes us seek validation from outside of ourselves? Relying on the validation of others for building our own self-worth…

no role models

When you Have no, Good Role Models

Not having any good role models makes going through life a lot more difficult and painful.Life can be an experience…

toxic people

Are you a magnet for toxic people?

Did you know that how you are and how you act can be a strong magnet for certain people including…