When you Have no, Good Role Models

no role models

Not having any good role models makes going through life a lot more difficult and painful.
Life can be an experience compiled with many tests and nuances.

If we don’t have anyone to guide us, we are left feeling lost and often step into booby traps that are hard to get out of.
Many of us by default use our parents as role models as they play a significant and important role in our lives.
They are the people who bring us into this world and the people who raise us into adulthood.
How could we not be influenced by them?
Unfortunately, our parents or any other great caretakers are only human.
Everyone and all of us are only students of life.
Even a true master still only considers themselves a student because they truly know that the more you learn the more you realize what you don’t know.
I have met and witnessed many people who grew up in a full two parent family home and still felt that their childhood was lacking in decent role models.

What are role models?

A role model is someone who you can look at as an example on attitudes, behaviors, and actions.
Someone who can guide you and mentor you due to their experience of successes and failures.
Their experiences are gathered from their own personal lives or other specific topics that like relationships, career, children, etc. that they have done very well on.
Usually, we look upon these individuals as role models because they have had successful outcomes or have succeeded in acquiring the outcomes, we would also like to see for ourselves.
They are people we admire or someone we aspire to be like.

What makes someone a good role model?

A good role model is usually someone that has good character and or personality traits.

The important thing here is who you are trying to become.

The person who you can look up to and who can guild you are the people most likely to be your role model.

Ask yourself who is the person you are trying to be in life, and that will lead you to finding good role models.

Picking that right type of individuals to look up an emulate is very important. Not everyone will be a good fit for you and aspiring to be like the wrong type of people can lead to down to an even worst path.

This is why we must choose wisely and with discernment.

During certain parts of our lives looking up to people who are beautiful/ handsome or have a luxurious life seems appealing. After all they seem to be successful and have it all in life.

This is where your discernment comes in. We are all familiar with social media and influencers who look like they have a great life and are very happy.

Sadly, this is not the case. Many times, we only see what they ”choose” to post and the reality of it all is very different.

Having dreams and chasing unrealistic expectations can be two different things but have the same tune.

When looking for a good role model make sure what they present to the world matches up with their reality.

Nothing seems to fit…

no good role models

There are also circumstances where you come to find that no one person or people fit what you consider a good role model.

I have two solutions for this.

Make sure you put yourself out there and really search. Sometimes we have tunnel vision and only see so far around us.

We live on a vast planet with billions of people so scour the internet, books, and people in leadership roles.

It is okay to have more than one role model at a time. You might run into circumstances where you like certain traits in one person but not all of them. That is perfectly okay.

When it comes to your life and the options you have play around with the rules. All of us have personal power within us to choose what we like and don’t like. That’s what makes life interesting and fun.

Still confused? Read on to look for the top 5 things to help understand if a role model is right for you…

5 Things to look for in a role model

Role models have Confidence.

How do they act around others and what do they think of themselves?

Sure, anyone with nice homes, cars, and clothes can look and feel great but this is much more than that. True confidence comes from within.

If you look at all the great leaders, they display great confidence within themselves and what they can contribute to others.

Be careful with this one, it can get tricky. Confidence and arrogance can be two different things.

Those with true confidence and high self-esteem do not look down on other people or make others feel less than them. They have no need to…

They have a purpose.

You can feel that their energy is full of drive and ambition.

They understand life and know that they have a purpose in this world and will strive to fulfill this purpose every single day.

Many people with a life purpose in mind are very busy people and they don’t waste their time with nonsense distractions. Their lifestyle is only filled with things that align with or bring them closer to their life purpose.

Role models have experience.

Although age usually can tell a person’s experience it doesn’t necessarily always have to be the case.

A younger person might be called an ”old-soul” because they have an understanding and are quick learners of life.

A good role model is someone who is wise and has gained experience. Look for role models that have gained experience in the areas you are interested in.

Remember that age does not guarantee experience.

They are humble.

How do they treat others who are not of the same status? Are they down to earth or expect special treatment for their accomplishments?

It is okay to be proud of our achievements, why not, especially if you have worked hard for it?

As a rule, it is always wise to expect the best treatment from yourself and not others.

Have you ever been out in public and seen others expect to be treated a certain way by those who are servicing them?

True character shows in how we treat those who we do not benefit anything from…

The lifestyle they chose to live out every day.

Who are they right now, TODAY?

Every decision and choice we make in life makes up who we are today. No human is perfect, that is what makes people and life so interesting.

You can tell if someone is role model material by the daily habits, behaviors and choices they make. Sure, anyone can mess up, and make mistakes. It is exactly the reaction after the mistakes that makes a person a good role model and leader.

We can learn from our mistakes or live it over everyday.

People who are self-aware of their mistakes also don’t dwell or play the victim. They make a conscious decision to do better the next time.

Last few thoughts…

Take the time and use discernment to pick the right role models to emulate.

A happy and successful lifestyle depends greatly on how you chose to live your life with the choices you make.

Following another footsteps that does not really fit our higher self might lead us into peril and unhappiness.

Only you will know what is best for you.

As you grow and change it’s okay to have different remodels come and go.

You know your on the right path when you are able to achieve your goals with inner peace and happiness.

Author: Anna Rose

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