Welcome to Simply Ask Anna Rose!

I am your guide, Anna Rose.

My professional aspect involves a unique fusion of life coaching and spiritual advising.

I have an undying fascination with helping people discover hidden obstacles that could be blocking them from the happiness they seek.

Much of my empirical knowledge, skills, and wisdom has been steadily acquired over 22 years of working with and around many unique and interesting people in customer service.

I also have an academic degree in Social Work (Summa cum laude).

I believe the journey to self-improvement and personal excellence is never-ending. I will forever be a student of life that has taken on a personal mission to learn, to grow, and to extend my knowledge as far-reaching as possible as a duty to myself and to my clients.

Personal Aspects of Me:

The first parts of my life were not so kind to me. I can honestly say that I have experienced every negative human emotion there was to experience.

But trust me when I say I do not think of myself as a victim.

My path has led me here today, at the precise point where I want to be and wish to be.

A place where I have gained much wisdom and experience to be able to share with all of my clients.

To my future clients and to the individuals inquiring:

I know the darker and crueler sides of life. I have seen the destruction and devastation it can bring into many people’s lives.

The darkness that surrounds us cannot hurt us. It is the darkness in your own heart you should fear.


Many times, these tragic events were not our fault because we had no control over them, the problem that arises is when our hearts have turned too bitter or dark from these experiences.

And from there, it bleeds out into all aspects of our lives…

It is only when we go through the darkness that we see who we really are and who we can truly become when we come out of the other side…

Anna Rose