How to Become More Organized in life


Being organized is not about striving to be perfect. An organized life brings you more clarity and peace of mind to focus more on other critical matters that need your immediate attention.

Being organized is a lifestyle that you can cater to your own needs and wants. You don’t have to do how others do to be successful. The main focus is to do what is for you.

A sure sign that your life is getting more organized is when things seem to flow better, and you are not constantly in an emotional rollercoaster.

How do these 5 principles match up with your own ways to stay or get more organized?

There is no right or wrong way, the best way is the one that fits whatever lifestyle that you choose for yourself.

Write it down

When you write things down it frees your memory capacity and mental energy for other more important matters.

Writing things down is a sure way to record arcuate information, we all can lead very busy lifestyles, when our brains are constantly loaded with information at best you can probably recall only the bigger details of a memory.

Small minute, but important details could be left out of memory due to the constant overload of new ones.

If you want to be accurate it is best to write it down, this will bring you more peace of mind that you haven’t left anything important out and is useful because you can always come back to the information for recall.

Do not be scared to let it go

I want to take about material things that we tend to hold on tightly to.

Clothes that haven’t been worn for decades, objects or things that you have great and fond memories with but serve no purpose in your current lifestyle.

There are two reasons why we hold on so tightly to material objects.

Reason one is that there is a significant emotion attached to that particular item and reason two is that it brings you great anxiety to let go of that item.

The two emotions that make it hard to let go of material objects are great fear or great enjoyment.

Just because you rid your life of the object of a great memory does not mean that memory will disappear along with that item.

For those that have a hard time with letting go of material objects out of fear, you have to be honest with yourself and ask when was the last time it came in handy or of use to you.

That day that you fear that you might need that item might not ever come.

I have found myself in situations where down the road I might have needed something that I let go of, It was not a problem to find a new item that was even better and cheaper than the original one.

Let go of the things that do not serve a purpose for you presently and ease your anxiety by knowing that in this world of modern and advanced technology you can easily find a better replacement in little or no time at all.

Set a routine

For those who detest the word routine and regular scheduling, because it sounds mundane and boring you probably already have in motion a routine that you don’t notice because it has become second nature to you already.

Every day you wake up and brush your teeth or drink coffee in the morning is a basic routine. A routine is a behavior pattern that happens often and regularly.

They could be concrete habits that we absolutely can’t do without every day, down to the littlest insignificant and what we think could be meaningless actions that we do so often that we don’t even have to think about it, our mind and our body’s naturally conforms to the daily action.

Setting a routine does not require anything hard or difficult. It should be in place to make your life easier and more enjoyable.

An example is to pick out clothes for the next day, the night before.

It only takes minutes but can save you time to calmly enjoy getting ready in the morning.

How we practice our mornings can greatly affect the rest of the day, start it off in a calm and easy-going manner.

Set goals and deadlines for tasks that need to be done

Success is the sum of small efforts – repeated day in and day out.

Not only does setting deadlines help you achieve what you are set out to do, but it can also give you a sense of success and accomplishment in daily life.

When you feel accomplished, it raises your self-esteem and confidence. You feel able and skilled.

Self-esteem is a process only within us, no one or not one thing outside of yourself can bring you self-esteem.

Setting goals give you purpose, accomplishing them gives you not only satisfaction but the feeling of success.

It’s a lifestyle

Being organized is a lifestyle that you set for yourself, a set of principles in which you believe in that will bring you the lifestyle you want to live. These principles need action and attention daily and often.

The moment you feel like you don’t want to be organized and you stop, so does all the organization.

Remember that the life you want for yourself is your sole responsibility.

Everyone is busy trying to manifest the life they desire for themselves; you have enough strength and power to be responsible for your own life.

Don’t wait for anyone to tell you how and what you should do about your life.

Figure what your want the go for it. No matter what happens that important thing is to try and go for it.

Author: Anna Rose

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