How to Stay Calm When Triggered


Are you one to get triggered easily by others or little situations?

It is fair to say that from time to time when things happen out of our control we can get triggered, it’s another thing when you are a slave to your emotions on the daily.

Triggers help us understand what we do not like to align ourselves with, in the heat of the moment it is easy to stay stuck in emotional chaos.

Here are some pointers to help you move out of chaos and into peace when you find yourself triggered.

Don’t take things personal

We become triggered easily in situations due to taking the situation more personally than needed. Most of the time it has more to do with the other person than you. When you let others easily trigger you, you become a slave to your emotions.

If you get triggered easily by taking things too personally, ask yourself where these strong emotions are rooted from. Persons with healthy self-esteem do not let things trigger them easily because they have nothing to prove to anyone.

Remember to breath

Take the focus off of what is emotionally upsetting you and use that focus on your breathing. When we get upset our breathing tends to become quick and shallow. Controlled breathing can help calm you and reduce stress hormones that arise during anger. When you get emotionally upset take three long breaths, breathing slowly in your nose and out of your mouth. This will help ground your emotional state and makes you less impulsive to explosive behaviors.

Challenge your point of view

When you come into a situation that can cause emotional stress, look at the situation from a third-person point of view. If your friends or family were to ask you advice about the same situation, how would you advise them to react? Most of the time we would our friends and family to no act rash and impulsive in the heat of the moment, so why wouldn’t we do the same?

Think before you speak and act

It is so easy to lose control of yourself during times of stress or anger. Many times, at the moment all seems like a good idea until you have calmed down and acted in a way that you regret later on. I find that the most critical time not to act is when you are upset. Pause once you feel yourself getting upset. Do not utter another word or undertake another action until the anger has sided.

I think that thinking before you speak is a wise skill to master in regular daily life as well. I can help you improve your communication skills as well as help you improve your relationship with others.

Use humor

Have you ever had a situation happen to you where after some time has passed you tend to find it humorous as you think more and more about it? Humor has a way of doing that, releasing tension in a situation where you can’t help but overthink and stress out.

When things seem like it’s a dead-end find the humor in it and laugh. Time will pass and so will this situation.

It is okay to walk away

When you find a person or situation highly triggering to you. You must take yourself out of it. Do not spend another second stuck in or around negative energy that drains you. Take yourself out of a bad situation and put yourself in a better one. When you are stressed go to a place that relaxes you or calls a friend and talks about fun or silly things. It’s so easy to lose yourself in just a moment of stress that you forget that there is more to life than just this situation.

Author: Anna Rose

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