How to Heal When Life Hurts

When life hurts

Are you going through a very dark and painful time in your life due to rejection, a relationship ending, unrequited love, or someone suddenly disappearing from your life?

I hope you understand that in this time of darkness after all of the devastation and tears you will rise again.

When life hurts the best thing you can do is heal. Healing is the best remedy for any pain that life throws at you.

Yes, there will be scars leftover, and somedays you might even be triggered by the slightest from thoughts and memories of the past.

Remember that you are strong and have been made even more strong by going through this experience. 

Experiencing life is about going through the hard times as well as the good times.

You have not lived life to the fullest until you have experienced both.

If at many times you feel alone or that others, even the ones closest to you might not understand.

There is also someone, somewhere out there going through the same thing, also wishing that they knew a friend who was going through the same thing, like you…  

Some Paths are meant to be taken alone…

Your life path was created for you and you only

You know those annoying computer upgrades that scream at you every so often…?

Think of these as personal upgrades. Every once in a while, you need an upgrade to input new ideas and experiences and to output the old that no longer serves you. 

Personal transformation usually only comes out of pain, loss, and or separation.

For transformation, you will have become stronger, a warrior of life with more experience and wisdom. 

‘’Holding on to Anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die’’


If this moment if you have anger, resentment, or hate towards the other person, or the situation then you are currently giving them all of your power. 

If you give all the energy and attention to things that no longer serve you then how could you possibly find the real and true happiness that you have been searching for?

The better option is to conserve that power and to put it back into working on yourself.

Focus that energy on creating a new life for yourself, a life you have ALWAYS wanted. 

Releasing emotions to Heal

Know that it’s okay to feel upset, to cry, and even to shout from the top of your lungs if you feel like you have to. 

The process of healing is to go through all of the emotional roller coasters.  

When I go through dark moments in my life, I like to spend time alone in nature, especially during the fall… 

You get to feel the crisp air around you and seeing all the trees, birds, and little animals can make you feel like you are not alone at all. 

You can go for a walk, sit at the local park, or spend a weekend up in the woods.

Let your thoughts and your mind just flow. 

If you start to want to cry, then cry. Release and let go. 

Who cares if there are people around you, it’s not their business why you are crying and it’s not your business to care what they think of you?

I know some don’t cry, not because they are scared to, but they just don’t use that form of expression.

Then express your emotions through various forms of art, dancing, and or music. 

Don’t think, just feel. Go with the flow…

Let your heart and your emotions guide you

It will show you how to maneuver your hands to create that perfect piece of art, how to move your body when dancing or the right tunes it wants you to play/sing.

You know, many of the world’s best art pieces in the world were formed through the outlet of pain and emotions.   

Did you know that writing your emotions out on paper is therapeutic?

I know that holding onto all the hurt and painful memories is too much of a burden to carry, the best thing to do is to release it.

Start a journal and write your heart out. 

Write down anything that comes to mind or feelings that start to arise. 

The ones that are in deep need of a release are the ones that easily trigger you, they make you feel sad, you might even almost get teary-eyed as they come into your thoughts.

Remember this Journal is only for your eyes only so write down ABSOLUTLEY ANYTHING you want.

You can try to avoid or ignore the thoughts and the pain, but little by little, every day, they will consume you and destroy your inner and outer world. 

Writing them down, spend time in nature, dance, sing, and or create art.

However, you want to release them out of your heart and your mind, do it. 

There is ALWAYS a divine higher power trying to work in your favor

After you try releasing these emotions yourself, leave the rest to a higher spiritual power that you believe in.

This will also help lighten your heart. 

Know and understand that there is a higher power working in your favor.

YES! that’s right! 

There is a higher spiritual power out there in the universe that wants you to succeed in life, and that wants you to be happy. 

But you too, have to put in the work, my angels. 

YOU have to WANT to be happy, YOU have to WANT more out of life than what you are going through, and then strive for it. 

Don’t just sit there waiting. Get started today!

You will need to do the inner and outer work to create balance. Try your best then let the divine do the rest!

Author: Anna Rose

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