What Makes Someone a High Value Person?

what make you high value?

Do you feel like a high value person? What is a high value person?

What makes a person of high value as opposed to someone of low value?

For starters, there is no such thing as a low value person.

Every single person has value.

The most important question you can ask yourself is of what value do you see in yourself?
When we use the term ”value” we mean a system of principles you set for the lifestyle you see yourself deserving.
Your life as it is right now is the result of your personal beliefs and behaviors that you have set for yourself.
High value people have similar belief patterns to manifest the life they believe they deserve. Here are some common principles:

High value people are Independent

Independence is about having the personal freedom to choose to live life the way you like. It is not that you don’t need anyone, it’s that you choose a lifestyle that works for you.

Respect is gained in life by experiencing it.

When you are independent you take the good and the bad.

This is what makes you evolve and grow. The opposite of growth is death.

If you are not growing, you are decaying.

Life will leave you behind if you do not keep up.

High value people set standards

What is the level of quality that you seek for yourself and your life?

If you never thought about this question before think back and see if where you are now is how you want to live the rest of your life.

When we don’t set standards for different areas of our lives, we just accept whatever is handed to us good or bad.

Always remember that whenever you are saying yes to one thing you are saying no to another.

If you have trouble choosing in life, understand that taking no action is still an action.

Those who stand for nothing, fall for everything…

They stay true to self

Do you surrender easily to fit in with the crowd?

Staying true and being to yourself means that in situations that matter the most to you, you don’t waver.

know who you are and what works for you or not this is the practice of authenticity.

You commit yourself to speaking up for yourself when a situation is not aligned with your ideals or beliefs.

Sometimes this can be scary if you are the only one standing, but at the end of the day, you acted with integrity and honesty.

High-value people live with purpose

What is your purpose in life? How do you bring value to others or society as a whole?

If you don’t know what your purpose is yet, set some goals that you would like to achieve. Goal setting gives you purpose to waking up every day, every day will have a meaning.

Some people are just surviving in life instead of thriving. If you haven’t found your purpose in life yet, don’t worry.

Start with the baby steps. Set goals that have real meaning to you. What are they and why?

Write it down then brainstorm how you can spend each day getting closer to crushing your goals.

There is no feeling like achieving what you set out for. It’s highly addictive once you gain momentum.

High value people are confident

This has nothing to do with having more than anyone else in life.

This is how you feel about yourself.

True confidence is self-made, it is built from within, regardless of what anyone else thinks. Everyone is unique in their way.

Most of the time we tend to compare ourselves to others, big mistake. We are all made with different abilities and skills.

In life, you stand out more for being original, not for being an exact copy of someone else.

Author: Anna Rose

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