Confidence Starts With You!

Having self-confidence and self-esteem all starts with you. It is a right that you can control, no matter what others think about you or say to you, they will never have true power over you in this area.

When it comes to what others think of you it really only is based on a mere opinion.

Opinions are comprised of judgments, not facts or true knowledge.

Many times, people don’t really like who they are themselves, so they project this idea of who they want to be.

If you don’t fit into that same ideal, they want to reject you as well.

Nobody outside of yourself can determine your worth, that can only be determined and defined by you.

Storytime: Growing up I never had anyone to tell me I was special or that I was a valuable person.

My childhood environment always proved the opposite, it instilled in my insecurities, lack, doubt, and shame.

I never had any outstanding role models around me and had to learn how to have self-confidence and self-esteem on my own.

It’s a long hard road when you don’t know what you are doing.

Today I am at a better place of mind because I kept pushing through, regardless of the naysayers and toxic people that I have had to deal with.

That’s how I know that it is possible for each and every one of you to do the same.

We might not have come from paradise, but it shouldn’t stop us from trying to go there…

Anna Rose

Maybe life beat you down, your family doesn’t know how to love you, you don’t have any friends to support you. It’s all okay.

You are strong enough within yourself to rise above that.

 Remember that everything is all about mindset. You might not be able to change the hand you were dealt with, but you can always have control of how you play your cards.

Everything you ever been through, all the sleepless nights, the days when you cried alone, all the times when you were kicked while you were down. All of those horrible moments you wish never existed are the very thing that has built within you the strength no one has ever seen.

This is the very strength that you can use to bring you into victory. This is how you use your mindset to play your cards right.

From this day forward you determine your worth. You can always be in a better place if you chose to, all you have to do is start doing and believing.

You don’t have to wait for someone to tell you that you are worthy of anything in life.

The truth is, if you are really waiting for someone to come save you and to tell you all these good things about yourself, they aren’t coming.

It has nothing to do with you, it is because in real life many are stuck waiting for someone to save them as well.

Don’t sit there and tell me you don’t have it in you because if you could survive the hell you came from you can do a lot more than you think.

Living in misery is easy and comfortable. It’s striving for peace and happiness for yourself that’s hard.

Anna Rose
Author: Anna Rose

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