How Do I Get Them to Chase Me?

Is there one person that you know to be so perfect for you? They look good, they talk good, and they even smell good. Now how do I get them to chase me?

Ever since the first conversation you had with them, you get butterflies every time you think of them.

You hope that you had also made an impression on them and that they feel the same way. You are hooked and all you could do is think about the day and night.

You have probably already even claimed them to be yours in your mind. You just know this is the one for you. This connection is perfect.

Ever since you met them the flowers smell a little sweeter and you begin to smile at the thought of them. 

Life would be perfect if you can just skip all the extra steps and just be together already, am I right? It just feels so right.

The real question is, how do you get them to chase you, or even to be obsessed with you enough to want to be with you?

You will not like the answer, but I will have to tell you that you are going about it all wrong.

For starters, you are putting too much focus on them. You have turned into a lion that has locked its eyes on the prey that it is about to devour. Sounds pretty bad right?

Where things can go wrong

When you are hyper-focused on a new interest, two main things can go wrong, severely wrong. 

The first problem that can go wrong:

They at some point will feel that smothering attention and be turned off by it.

The second problem that can go wrong:

If they are not of pure intentions in the first place then now they will just see you as an opportunity to use and abuse you how they see fit. Don’t fall for it.

I want to remind you that your emotions can play tricks on you, just because it feels right does not mean it is right for you right now.

To know a person and their worth you have to get to know them. Getting to know someone takes time.

Think of some of your ex-relationships that at one time also felt right only to find out that they were all wrong for you, but you ignored the red flags because it felt good, and it felt right at that time.

It takes time to know a person, and even then, you might have found yourself falling in love with a fake persona.

The dating world is not for the faint of heart. It can be a dangerous one filled with deceit, lies, and games.

Just because you are a good woman or man does not mean that the next person you meet and of who will see your worth immediately, or that they are also good people.

Most of the time good men and women are targeted, YES! you read right. You are a walking target for narcists, the non-committal, the unresolved childhood issues type, or the adult/child type.

Sometimes these people will have a mixture of these personality types and would love to get with you to use you and drain you with their drama and selfishness.

Not all the glitters is gold

All that glitters is not gold my friends. Know who you are really dealing with before you want this person to chase after you or you are chasing after them.

You could very well fall for a trap that could lead you to more disappointment and or heartache than you bargained for.

They could end up ruining all of your good friendships/personal relationships, your credit, your finances, and your life.

If you ended up having kids with them know you have given them the power to come in and out of your life to do it all over again when they please and also to your child’s/children’s lives.

All because it looked good and felt right at the moment.

Listen to me, friends! I know that life has been a hard road for you, at many times a lonely one at that, but you need to be stronger than needing someone next to you just to have a warm body there.

Just so you don’t look rejected by the world, just to have someone to fill a void in you or a relationship of convenience.

Just think that while you are wasting your time and energy on someone that is not meant for you, you are missing the opportunity to meet the one that is everything for you.

The right one for you, you will not have to chase after, nor will they chase after you. They will want to pursue you by giving you time and affection.

Especially if you are a woman, how do you give the right man a chance to pursue you if you are chasing after him, calling him all the time or always showing up to where he is at.

I know we live in a new day and age with feminine power and rights and all that, but desperation looks bad in any eras and no matter what age you are.

Focus on your life and your purpose, while keeping an open mind on dating.

Also, remember that just because a person does try to pursue you does not mean they are right for you. Get to know these people, I don’t care if you have been friends with them for a day, a week, or years.

Know what you are getting into

When it comes to matters of the heart you need to find out who you are dealing with, what they want from a relationship, and what they want from a relationship with you.

Take your time, stay out of the bedroom with them until you know them and what they want from you, and make sure it makes sense to you.

Do they have the characteristics that you want in a partner, we are not just only talking about being good-looking and having some money?

Do their wants and needs match up with yours? 

Your happiness is on the line, if they do not make the cut, then you need to gracefully release them and move on.

Why waste your time and theirs if you truly know that it might not last?

When you say yes to one thing in your life you are saying no to another.

Make sure you are not saying yes to a time waster and blocking your path to true happiness.

Author: Anna Rose

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