7 Hard Life Lessons That Nobody Teaches You

7 Life lessons

Life lessons are like little gems you find throughout the journey of life.

In life there are things you learn the easy way and there are some things you learn the hard way.

The hard way robs you of time and gives you the bonus of heartache along with it.

Get a fast forward start as you learn from some of mine and other’s past mistakes.

Read though the 7 life lessons to see what you already know and what you could learn from.

1. Don’t take the easy way out

I know that in many situations it might look smarter to take the easy way. Since it is more time and energy-saving it seems like a better option.

The truth is, there is no easy way. Anything you do in life you get the results in the sum of your efforts.

When you try to take any easy approach, you cheat yourself out of the experiences that will help you grow.

Life only gets harder as you get older and naturally gain more responsibilities. For how long do you think you can take the shortcut approach?

Anybody who has gained success and great achievements in life will tell you it was hard work to the top.

Nothing worth having comes easy. It was President Theodore Roosevelt that said

‘’Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life…

2. Nobody really cares

The truth is that everyone has their own life to live, from time to time they might lend you an ear or a shoulder to cry one, but no one will take responsibility for your life.

If you live life by just merely getting by no one will care, you will be left behind if you do not keep up in life. Before you know it you wake up one day and all of life has passed you by, you wonder what happened, but it will be too late.

3. Don’t assume anything, find out the real facts

Never, ever think you know the whole story unless it is your story. I don’t know how many times I have embarrassed myself because I was too quick to jump to a conclusion when I didn’t know the whole story.

Not only do you feel embarrassed, but you also lose the esteem of others in the process of making a fool of yourself.

Never assume anything, especially if it is an important matter. Gather more information through questioning and listening to find the truth. Once you find out all the facts then you can proceed.

4. Birds of a feather

Be very wise in choosing who you spend most of your time with. The people who we have around us most often can influence us in more ways than we can know. We start to think and behave similarly to them as more time passes.

Social proximity effect proves the saying that birds of a feather flock together.  

This doesn’t mean that you have to leave friendships behind, just be aware that the group of people to who you dedicate the most time will be your greatest influence.

5. Don’t rely on others so easily

You need to give yourself more credit if you think you aren’t able to do a lot on your own. When you rely on others to help and do everything for you not only do you become comfortable with leaning on others, but over time you lose confidence to rely on yourself. Standing on your own two feet shows you and the world what you are made of.

Help should only be asked if you are stuck or have a task that requires more than one person.

Otherwise, give it a shot. If you don’t try, how will you know if you can do it or not?

6. All choices have rewards or consequences 

Every choice and decision you make in life bears either good rewards or negative consequences. Some people spend their lives running from decision-making because of this. Do you know that not deciding for itself is a decision?

No one will make the right decision 100% of the time. You learn and grow as you go.

As you go through cycles of failing and succeeding it helps you become a better decision-maker.

You start to hone your decision-making skills from experience, and you start to look at options differently. You get a better and clearer look at your options when your experiences can pick up certain cues and patterns very similar to choices from the past.

7. Love, but don’t let people take advantage of you

It is okay to love, just like it is okay to be loved. When you care about someone so much you tend to give them your whole heart, that’s understandable.

The most painful way to go about love is to love without reason.

The best choices in love are usually made with the heart and the head. The heart is for the others and the head is for the self.

When it comes to love it is very easy to lose yourself, you dedicate so much to someone just hoping they feel the same way.

We become hurt and scorned when we find out that sometimes what you give out is not always returned equally. This is when we love only with our hearts and not an equal balance between our heart and mind.

You can love anyone you like, that’s not the problem. Love is never the problem. It is how you love that can get you in trouble.

Love with an open heart but choose wisely who gets to receive such a precious gift from you.

Author: Anna Rose

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