How to Awaken the Goddess Within

goddess within

What is a goddess?

Many times, when we think of goddesses, we think of Aphrodite the Goddess of love, or Cleopatra who was infamous for being beautiful and charming among many men.

A goddess lives life however she chooses. 

She does not feel guilty for doing so, nor does she have to explain herself to anybody. 

Although she lives as she pleases, she is very smart and wise about life. 

Things that do not serve her goals, dreams, and aspirations have no room in her life. 

This is what feminism is all about. To be free and to be yourself. 

Feminism has developed quite a bad rap over the years, especially with the opposite sex. It is not about one gender having more power over the other. 

It is about taking responsibility for your own happiness and having the freedom to be yourself. 

All of you possess an inner Goddess waiting to be awakened

Inner goddess? What does that even mean? 

Awakening your inner goddess means tapping into your inner power and strength from within, by doing this you rely on the self for the true source of happiness.

Once you have awakened the goddess within, you become free to live the life you choose. There are no outlines or limits that can define who you are if you do not want them to. 

When I hear people say things like, it does not matter to me if I did not wake up tomorrow, that gets me feeling sad for them. 

You know we all have ‘’our dues to pay’’ in life. They are also called growing pains. 

Some had a really hard childhood and somewhere better than others, at the end of the day somewhere down the line you still had to deal with some sort of drama, hurt, pain.

We all did.

Let us say, hypothetically, if you knew you were dying tomorrow. What are the thoughts that you would have from now to tomorrow? 

What would be the last things you would want to do or say and why?

Many times, it’s something negative in the form of cursing someone out, leaving that awful place of a job or finally doing something that makes you feel free. 

If this, you then you are merely surviving life and not thriving in it.  

Living life means that you have tried your best every day. You do not let life happen to you, but you go out there and you become a master creator of your life.

If you are not happy with your life thus far and are looking for something to set that spark again, try tapping into your goddess within.

Where to start?

Make yourself a priority. You and your happiness from this moment on are a #1 priority. 

You might scoff at this while reading it saying that you have commitments like family members and children that you are responsible for, a career, or a relationship don’t allow for much time extra time in your life. 

You just do not have the time or energy. 

I read somewhere that the average person spends 2 hours a day on social media that could even be true for other forms like Netflix, YouTube, Tik Tok. 

Not to say that I do not indulge in these now and then, but I just make giving myself self-care and self-love a priority. 

If your time is tight start off slow, find 15mins a day to spend time with yourself, alone.

Take a nice hot bath, stroll in the park, or journal your thoughts and emotions for that day.

Everyone has a different schedule, but you want at least 30mins each day to practice self-care.

It should be doing something each day that benefits you mentally, spiritually, or physically. 

Journaling is important because it helps you connect with the inner you.

Many times, we do not even realize why we are unhappy or depressed in our lives.

Journaling helps you make that connection on top of helping you realize the things that will make you happy and the goals on how to get them.

Exercise. 3-5 days out of the week you should be doing some type of exercise. Do things that you enjoy it could be yoga, going on walks with your friend, or even just turning up your favorite tunes and dancing around that house.

Get some girlfriends together and pop in a dancercise DVD. It will help you look and feel great.

Stop putting junk and poison in your body. Be mindful of what you put in your body, and ladies I mean everything. Whether that be it food and alcohol or the different men you have had or are dealing with.

You know I have to keep it real because I care. If you are dealing with players or emotionally unavailable men, then he is poison to your body and your soul.

Do not even get me started on if you are not practicing safe sex with them or not. Stop the madness. 

Let go of toxic things. This could be with the people or situations in your life. Toxic people or situations leave you feeling drained and unsatisfied.

They only take and never give or when they do, they give you breadcrumbs, enough to survive but never to thrive.

Let it go!

Only when you let it go, you can make room for something better to fill its place. Once something better fills that place, I promise you will not miss the old. 

Speak your truth and be true to who you are. A goddess does not need to people please or to fit in. If you hate something say you hate it if you like something say you like it.

You can’t live in lies every day and expect to feel free and empowered.

Know when and how to speak your truth. You can get your point across without being rude or obnoxious. Goddesses are respected for their truth, not in their abuse of power.  

Set boundaries. You teach people how to treat you and just because you love someone does not mean it is okay to let them treat you, however, they please.

Remember rule number #1, you have to make yourself a priority and that also means your happiness. 

You need to know what acceptable and unacceptable behavior is, what you will allow, and what you will not allow.

Be prepared to cut ties and walk away from situations that do not respect or honor you.

In an instance of marriage, I am not talking about petty fights now and then, we are talking about the overall act of verbal, mental, and or physical abuse.   

(If you are experiencing or had experienced domestic abuse and require support, please call the National Domestic Hotline at 1-800-799-7233.)

Just like any other healthy lifestyle change you need to start slowing and practice little by little every day.

Know that I believe in and that you deserve happiness in life, we all do.

Do not give up on yourself and the happiness you deserve…  

Author: Anna Rose

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