Couples Communication: 5 Topics That You Need to Talk About

couples communication

Open communication is the key to helping any relationship build happiness and to withstand long term.

I have seen many couples be able to easily say that they miss and love each other but when it comes to topics that can bring out vulnerability, they freeze up.

To be emotionally intimate with another, we must be able to show vulnerability.

If you are in the begging stages of dating than vulnerability can take time as trust and courage is built within loving and safe environments.

Couples who have been consistently dating for more than a 1 or are married should be able to communicate with each other topics that can be deep and rich in emotions and feelings.

Loving relationships gives room for partners to feel safe enough to be vulnerable with each other.

If you don’t feel safe communicating openly with your partner than who is it that you can turn to in times of need?

Moreover, having to be cautious with what we communicate to our partners on a regular basis can bring feelings of anxiety, loneliness, depression.


To be vulnerable with a trusted partner is to be able to put your guard down. In this state you show all of your authentic self to your partner.

The more delicate side of your nature, your feelings, emotions, and fears.

This is of course extremely terrifying because in the wrong hands it could be used to hurt you.

As fair warning, You need to use discernment in all relationships. Who you leave open this side too, is the person

Problems with vulnerability within ourselves should be worked on before we get into a relationships with others.

5 communication topics that make relationships stronger


Child hood/ upbringing. Communicate your strong beliefs and values that were derived from how you were raised as a child.

Similarly, these values and beliefs also play a key part on how your partner might want to raise their future children as well.

One’s beliefs, values, and character is nothing more than a compilation of past childhood experiences.

Love. What is love? How does one show love and how does one expect to be loved?

By communicating your definition and expectations of love you can better understand each others boundaries within the relationship.

Money. Your view and attitudes about money. Did you know that money is known to be the second leading cause of divorces in America? Because money is an important means of survival the average person will spend 1/3 of their lives working to acquire it.

Yet, many couples never have deep conversations about money.

Relationships especially marriage requires us to share our resources, you might want to reevaluate sharing your resources with someone that could have distorted views about money.

Children. Some are enthusiastic about the idea of parenting while to others it seems daunting. This topic should be able to be heard openly and honestly.

If someone tells you they don’t want to have children while you have always dreamed of raising 3, you should understand that will play a big part if you were to marry them.

Waiting out the relationship in hopes they might change their mind about children might very well disappoint you in the end.

Personal boundaries. Discovering each others boundaries help you know how best to respect one another. Be honest about what find offensive or the kind of treatment you find to be inappropriate in a relationship.

Some boundaries will be clear and set while other less serious ones can be worked through compromising.

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